Patrick McCarthy Construction, LLC

Design and Build

Patrick McCarthy Construction, LLC can handle your project from start to finish. We will work with you on design and space planning, and we create the plans and get the appropriate permits, saving you from expensive architect fees. We can put your ideas on paper, and make them a reality.

PMC Repaired water damage at the front of this home. The owners took the opporunity to get a more impressive porch and entry. We designed and built an elegant timber frame entry porch with a vaulted ceiling.

PMC worked with the owner of this historic 1914 triplex to do a full renovation. We did the design and made the plans, and turned this deteriorating historic structure into 3 luxury apartment units, while preserving its historic character.

Before the renovation, the structure was badly deteriorated.

Patrick McCarthy Construction, LLC made plans and turned the structure into three beautiful custom apartments.

The second floor kitchen features beautiful shelving and trim made from wood reclaimed from the old house.

The third floor kitchen features an array of windows that were original to the house. The windows were carefully restored and put back in their original location.

The first floor features a polished concrete floor and luxury cabinets and appliances.

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